11 June 2005

The Gladiator

Riding on our horses,
we swept through the battlefield,
Thinking of the causes
this battle would yield.

With each slash of the blade,
ripping apart the enemy.
Why did the idea fade
that mercy could be shown upon any?

With victory in our sight
It made me wonder
If we were the wrong or the right,
the life we had plundered

It dawned upon me bright -
Above the conflicts of the mind
It mattered not, to be wrong or right.
All that had to be left behind.

The battle won, we fight for the war.
A war that takes place not on the field,
but in hearts of the people set afar.
So as to overcome what their minds shield.

The day the war is won
everything would be bright.
Because what we had now done
would be right...

04 May 2005

The Chronicles 1

Its a bright day...and the daily chores had already begun....that too, to be in the countryside,... u would wonder if life, without so much chaos around u, is even possible...!!.....In this calm little village lived a little kid called shankar.....whats so special about him u would ask...?Well...you'll know soon...

Shankar was just playing by the gate,in the courtyard.... his mom brought him some breakfast.... this guy could definitely eat a lot...he was finished with whatever his mom had brought in no time and wanted some more....So his mom went to the kitchen to get some more....

Shankar was preoccupied with swinging on the gate....when he saw his grandfather had got ready to drop shankar's cousins to the school....Shankar always loved rides on the TVS moped...and as usual wanted to go along with his grandpa and two cousins....since it was already getting late,grandpa decided to give a joyride on the TVS to shankar some other time....Even before shankar could retaliate to his grandpas descision.....they had already left...Shankar began running behind the moped....but unfortunately for him, his tiny legs could'nt match the speed of the moped....even on village roads the moped could travel pretty fast!!

Meanwhile....a herd of sheep and a bullock cart were directly ahead of him.....though he never liked sheep very much...he was determined to follow the moped....but soon the sheep surronded him and he did'nt like it a bit....and also the bullock cart was now right in front of him...to make matters worse the sheep were'nt moving quickly either....he just had a split second to come to a descision....he decided to go right under the bullock cart and inbetween the two bulls(....i think even the bulls would have been surprised by this guys feat...) He had managed to pass the hurdles that came in his way..... but now it dawned to him that he was lost.....
(for more exciting stuff on shankar....pl wait for my future blogs...!)

02 April 2005

Absurd Thoughts

Isn’t it strange?
Still a mystery,
That as we pass each minute,
We are recorded in history.

How the years just flyby,
It’s still a mystery,
Having gotten so far,
a living testimony,
That’s what we are.

The days we had,
the pranks we played…
I’m holding onto
these memories forever.

Wish my reveries
could take us to places
where the skies always blue,
and the fields swaying to the flow

Wish we could relive those moments,
And relish those joys once again.
Wish we could go back in history.
But, isn't life a mystery?