22 December 2008

Pencils : Architecture

Always wanted to learn more about architecture.

Not the best yet. But then, I'm getting there. :)

P.S. Please don't ask me what the pyramid is doing in the middle of the city. :D

24 November 2008

Pencils : A Push-Cart

trying something a bit more harder...

tools used: paintbrush (in windows) and a mouse of course! :)

19 November 2008

Leap Of Faith


There's a new kid in the block and he knows how to mince words. Introducing Rohit as a guest blogger. Enjoy the read!


The delicate twigs lying on the ground snapped under the enormous pressure riding over it. The dry leaves surrounding it were swept off the jungle floor and the swift wind gave a life to the dead leaves as it hovered above the ground for one last time. The Earth woke with a jolt and flexed its hidden energy outwards like the waves from a nuclear bomb radiating from its epicenter, wiping away everything in its path. The magnitude of the earthquake was so intense that it was guaranteed to put the seismograph inventor to shame. Thundershowers, not wanting to be left alone, eagerly joined the other partners in crime and unleashed a torrent of rain which was unheard of.

The marriage of all the forces of nature at their best would have been the greatest spectacle mankind has ever witnessed if anyone lived long enough to pass on the tale to the budding generation.

But nothing….nothing could deter the spirit of the youth whose threshold for challenge was far, far more than what nature could design. He ran and ran, making his own road in the jungle, almost immune to the events surrounding him. His entire body ached and took a beating of a lifetime and the more the minutes passed by, the more he resembled a soldier who was scarred in uncountable battles and ready to take on an entire army with just a spear. The only source of illumination was lightning in the form of irregular flashes to illustrate the ongoing havoc.The overhanging branches hit him like a whip but he brushed them all aside without the slightest of hesitation.

The enormity of his determination to push himself to such an extent puzzled him. He always thought he surrendered to fate in the early stages. But now, a superior power comprising of ambition, toughness and anger instructed every action of his life. He always knew he was different from the others but was unable to recognize his own strengths, his true inner self. For the first time in his life, he realized how strikingly similar he and the Earth were. Born with a fury to challenge the universe but later subdued by external factors, resulting in a massive cooldown condition. The energies, namely fury and passion were bundled up and weighed down by an anchor which slowly pulled it down into the deepest caves of the heart that is commonly termed as “The Core” in the case of the Earth.

The wisemen once rightly said – “You can be the master of man but you cannot be the master of his spirit”. There will be a day when the core will rocket itself upwards and refuse to sink in life again. “That day of my life has come” – he thought to himself as he plunged himself deeper into the jungle.

Up ahead, he noticed the cliff was about to come to an end with a deadly drop of unfathomable depth. The rest of the cliff continued after a separation of several hundreds of feet. The quake seemed to have realized his end was near and followed him at a distance of few inches away to end his death defying race. This sight was more than enough to wipe away the most remote form of hope from the bravest of knights.

With one swift look behind, a smirk formed on his face while he thought “You may have got me in the past, but not anymore”. The sight of the remaining few feet of land exploded the barrels of adrenaline within him and every inch of his body was invaded by the energy source like a dam breaking free and flooding every crack in its path. With a deafening shout that said “COME AND GET ME IF YOU DARE.”, he took his final leap off the cliff...

09 November 2008

Shades Of Gray

The rushes of my brushes,
filled the canvas with shades of gray.
The strokes could convey,
what the heart had to say...

So cold, so beautiful,
the dark clouds of the rain...
The silver droplets had just
washed away all of my pain...

I sat there blissful
to complete my work of art...
I had to compete with the rain
to listen to the beats of my heart...

Through the drizzle I continued;
Each rush made the canvas fuller..
I continued with the music the rain played...
The droplets adding to the color...

I sat there on the benches
admiring my work of my art...
Joy of the drizzle fading and
ecstasy the experience had brought...

The sun shone through the clouds
revealing the hidden...
I sat there again,
to pour my thoughts...

The rushes of my brushes
filled the sky with blue...
The day with its blushes
felt completely true...

29 October 2008

Pencils : Bicycle

Learning the art of drawing using a mouse and good old paint in windows...



20 October 2008

The King Of Hearts

He walked through fields,
through cities far and beyond,
without sword nor shield.
He cared for no wealth nor diamond.

He held inside him no fear,
in the fight of the clubs were none.
None to match him in war,
he walked proud in the sun.

All through strides, spades and shades,
he was the Jack of all trades
and the Master of many...
His charm could easily impress any...

For rich or for poor, for old or young
He remained an old song sung
His victories were beyond battles or wars...
For he was none...
but the King of Hearts...

“In a pack of cards there are kings... but then folks remember... there's only one who can ever be called the king - the King of Hearts.”

08 October 2008

Pencils : Shankar

( just when i thought i'll go hit the bed! )

Giving a small break to my writing...

I just had a vision in my head - my idea of Shankar and I decided to pencil it down immediately...

Yup..the story is in the works!

11 April 2008

Prospect of an exciting trip

Water had always been a problem in the village. Because of the government guidelines, the local water-board authorities allowed water supply to each village in the taluk for only a couple of hours, that too two days a week. It was more of a routine chore for the people in the village to collect water (in vessels with different shapes and colours!) for the remaining days of the week. For the villagers, this was a way of life...

Though Shankar lived in a joint family, his grandpa usually took up this routine task. He would always go along with his grandpa and stand in the long queues in front of the government tap across the road. He loved the colourful sight! He would look at all the people standing in the queue in front of him and wonder as to why people braved the hot sun for a couple of buckets of water. At least he never had any problems in getting water. Whenever he wanted some, he'd just cry out loud and his mother would get him a nice cup of water, even buttermilk sometimes! He didn't like milk much though...

There was an hand-pump which tapped the underground water, but this was almost 10 Kms from the village. There were hardly any buses to get there and walking there in the burning sun was out of question. To get water from the hand-pump was an expensive proposition and was rarely used by the villagers.

It was the middle of the week. Even at noon, the market was bustling with activity. Shankar had come with his two elder cousins and grandpa to buy the vegetables for the coming week. There were vendors selling water and ice-gola (a type of ice candy which people of all age groups and especially kids relish!). Shankar wanted an ice gola at any cost and threw up a rant till his grandpa gave in. He was half way through eating it when he noticed that a it was melting away. He began to wonder as to how the drops were formed from solid ice. He stopped eating the gola and watched the rest of it melt away!

Shankar returned from the market. His mom told grandpa that there was hardly any water left at home and would not last more than a day. Even the govt supply could not be relied upon. There had been rumours going on in the village that the neighboring villages were receiving water only once in ten days.

Grandpa decided to get water all the way from the hand-pump. He took one of Shankar's cousins and was about to set out on the moped. Shankar loved moped rides and definitely did not want to miss this one. Grandpa was definitely not in a mood to tolerate more bad behaviour from Shankar, so he decided to take Shankar along.

Finally, they got going.