29 October 2008

Pencils : Bicycle

Learning the art of drawing using a mouse and good old paint in windows...



20 October 2008

The King Of Hearts

He walked through fields,
through cities far and beyond,
without sword nor shield.
He cared for no wealth nor diamond.

He held inside him no fear,
in the fight of the clubs were none.
None to match him in war,
he walked proud in the sun.

All through strides, spades and shades,
he was the Jack of all trades
and the Master of many...
His charm could easily impress any...

For rich or for poor, for old or young
He remained an old song sung
His victories were beyond battles or wars...
For he was none...
but the King of Hearts...

“In a pack of cards there are kings... but then folks remember... there's only one who can ever be called the king - the King of Hearts.”

08 October 2008

Pencils : Shankar

( just when i thought i'll go hit the bed! )

Giving a small break to my writing...

I just had a vision in my head - my idea of Shankar and I decided to pencil it down immediately...

Yup..the story is in the works!