09 November 2008

Shades Of Gray

The rushes of my brushes,
filled the canvas with shades of gray.
The strokes could convey,
what the heart had to say...

So cold, so beautiful,
the dark clouds of the rain...
The silver droplets had just
washed away all of my pain...

I sat there blissful
to complete my work of art...
I had to compete with the rain
to listen to the beats of my heart...

Through the drizzle I continued;
Each rush made the canvas fuller..
I continued with the music the rain played...
The droplets adding to the color...

I sat there on the benches
admiring my work of my art...
Joy of the drizzle fading and
ecstasy the experience had brought...

The sun shone through the clouds
revealing the hidden...
I sat there again,
to pour my thoughts...

The rushes of my brushes
filled the sky with blue...
The day with its blushes
felt completely true...


  1. nice poem man. keep the good work up :).

  2. nice stuff... i liked this poem :)

  3. neat :D..

    but u can't beat me in poetry dude :P...i m the best :D...ain't i?? :D

    gr8 work man...

  4. Truly nice poem Suman... As I was reading I was feeling connected with it.. really Captivating.. :-)

  5. What's the hidden meaning behind this?
    I can only make out two things as a normal person -

    1. There's hope at the end of every situation.

    2. Grey represents either 'an intellectual' or 'an unnoticed person'. What character does your poem adopt?

    As a person with poetic sense, I can observe one more thing :

    This poem shows that you had been through some sort of an emotional storm , where your thoughts in your heart were out of synchrony with thoughts in your mind , but they went along, similar to the fashion of a downpour and your 'gray' emotions saw the beginning of the end in the form of a 'new' blue cloud....and the life goes on.

    I would like to get your deciphered take on this.

  6. Thank you people for the comments. :).

    My take on it simply -

    Happiness and sadness are like the sides of a coin. To truly enjoy the value, you must enjoy the existence of both.

    One must learn to paint with what one has. :)

  7. nice one bro.. your new template seem to match the poem too :)