01 January 2009

The Winners Race

Left my abode in a hurry;
to be a winner.
To be the first one;
in the Sun's slim shimmer.

Friends followed on my heels.
With the same hope, of hope
of victory, of successes
awaiting us in the journey therefore...

I braved the wind.
We pushed ahead farther.
Leaving fear, we rushed ahead
with all the speed we could garner...

I could see a million faces,
looking upwards; from across the line.
Amidst their beautiful smiles,
the surroundings and the race felt simply fine.

In a hurry we left our abode,
In smell of victory...
To be the first ones,
To reach our destinations.

Destination reached, we were finally victorious.
True winners. For we were the first.
The first snow flakes - to hit
the little kids' outstretched hands...


  1. Good racing man ;).
    Nice one!

  2. Hey Superman... Nice One.. :-)

  3. Hey Knowledgesink, Ashwin and Divya

    Thank you! :)


  4. Another great one

    You must seriously be gettin frustrated at work if ur writing poems!! :)

  5. Thanks Balzi. This poem was written keeping frustration at bay. :).