08 June 2009

The Fortress of Solitude

I want you to experience what I have experienced. I have been a silent witness to the event below. I have stood at the sidelines and have been inspired by the event taking place. I ask you to join me and experience the event as it unfolds...

Gigantic pillars stood on either side of the long hallway. Like poetry on a pleasant day, the canvas of a starry sky filled the ceiling. The faint moonlight from the outside lit the hallway. The fake stars twinkled like diamonds on a newly wed bride. The floor gave away a gentle sliver of silver and the curtains swayed in the breeze. Shadows crept in and out with the whims of the clouds. The silence of the night mixed well with the periodic sounds of the night birds. Nothing could have been more poetic on this moonlit night...

There amidst the twilight, at the end of the hallway, sets of stairs seemed to lose to sameplace sublime. And just between the stairs, on an altar, lay a sword - Raw. Untouched. The light reflecting off the raw blade gave away a divine glow.

Photo by: nostromoo

Disturbed dust shone with His each step. The movement of his hair complemented the majestic walk. His cape danced with the breeze. Unseen eyes seemed to be awed by his presence.
He moved towards the altar. His hand reached out to hold the hilt. His firm grip knew the ways of the sword. He held the hilt against his chest. He knelt down, closed his eyes and bathed in the moment. He seemed to learn the story of what he held in his hand. He rose slowly, moved the sword above his head, and placed it in its rightful place - the scabbard tied to his back. He paused a moment and moved away from the altar. He ascended the stairs next to the altar and halfway through he could see the silver light of the moon partially lighting the steps... He reached the balcony. The balcony oversaw the Kingdom below.
He put his hands on the railings of the balcony and stared away into the sky...