03 September 2009

Pencils : A ship sailing the high seas

Ever felt fascinated by the navy and their ships? At least I have. I have always been fascinated about ships - be it the modern ones or the kind shown in "The Pirates of the Carribean". Of course the latter would be a bit tougher to draw!

Ok, so here goes. I present to you - MV LEGEND.

[With four artillery turrets at the front and a few more at the sides. State of the art communications to provide real-time information to the other operators in the sea. A helipad to move people and equipment for any land based missions. MV LEGEND could sail smooth in any kind of waters.]

Note: Going on a war would be injurious to your health.


May Peace be with you!

To know what MV in 'MV LEGEND' stands for. Visit here.


  1. Man you are really getting good at this.
    MS can use this to advertise paint :p.

  2. @Nitin Sure. Why not? :).

    @Advy Thank you!