10 September 2009

Return of the Knight

The sun's presence was mild. The wind strong. Leaves were sent from their branches on their own journeys. The air made lovely swirls over the lonely land. Peace was disturbed by the howls of the wind. The coarse grain moved from underneath the horse's feet.

The rider eased off the beast...

His cape flew vigorously to his left. The scabbard lay still; but empty. He moved the cape away from himself and moved swiftly to the edge of the cliff. He clenched his fists deliberately. He stood peacefully though. The journey had taken him this far and he had a long way to go. The speech resounded through him as fresh as the morning dew. He had heard it days ago; through different voices. His Father had addressed the kingdom.

Photo by: srtrallybob

His gaze moved to the far reaches of the north-west. He could make out the outline of the fortress - magnificent and calm on the other side. He would reach there by nightfall. Dusk was on them and the moon was reaching out to the gray skies. His steed stood calm in the breeze. As he turned around to start off to his destination, the beast came to him. He quickly climbed on to the back of it. The steed pranced as if it were a sign of accepting its master's command and sped away in the direction of his new destination.

He was returning. Returning back to the Fortress of Solitude

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  1. how do u let ur imagination go to such an extent!!

    great !

  2. Really good change to read a prequel pal.. well done!

  3. Thanks Rohit.

    I might continue extending my prequel for all you know. Memento style! :).