01 November 2009

Design Redesign

Whew! After a day's long work, my blog redesign is complete. Well almost! There are still a couple of things I need to take care of.I will do so over the coming week.

There were a few reasons for the redesign. One thing for starters - the previous template NiteLife from Blogger-Templates was stunning and I loved it. And it was Skybound's template for almost 2 years. Though it was beautiful I decided to move on to something new, something that I wanted to create on my own.

Photo by: pareeerica

That said, I had a lot of help on the way though and I need to thank :
  • Stargazer - for letting me reuse his site layout.
  • Webtreats etc. - for the beautiful background image and beautiful icons (free). Do visit their site.
  • As you can see the background has both dark and light elements. Displaying text as-is would spoil the font visibility. blog.zurka.us had a way out.
  • pareeerica's lovely picture in this post.
  • And You folks, my passengers - for the feedback, inspiration, love.
So, I present to you my new and shiny design! I believe this will give you guys a better experience. In case you notice any issues, chinks in the armour or have suggestions, please feel free to reach me.

Have a nice day!