13 October 2010

Pencils : The Batmobile

In the movie - Batman Begins (2005), Bruce Wayne modifies a prototype military vehicle called "the Tumbler" that was designed as a bridging vehicle for the military. The Tumbler is described a machine that is a cross between a Lamborghini and a Tank. [Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batmobile]
I started with a sketch of the tumbler a couple of months ago. The next logical step was to learn to color and shade.

I present to you, the tumbler -

One more version with a bit of background and some minor tweaks.

That is it from my side folks. I leave you with a memorable quote from the movie, 'Batman Begins' :

Rachel Dawes: Wait! You could die. At least tell me your name.
Bruce Wayne: It's not who I am underneath, but what I *do* that defines me.
Rachel Dawes: [
realizing] Bruce?
Batman turns and leaps off the roof[Source: imdb quotes]

Edit : Hyperlinked the second version of the image instead of showing it up in the post.

17 September 2010

Moon rocket

Hi folks,

My first attempt at creating a poster using Paint.net. The learning curve for this particular tool was far lesser than when I first tried using gimp. (Gimp is cool by itself. Make no mistake!) The intuitness factor was better with Paint.net.

The poster is now on my new and shiny Facebook page. Head there to have a look at it.


P.S. Thanks Vivek for the tool suggestion and thanks webtreats for the lovely grunge background.

10 July 2010

Pencils - The Tumbler

I started drawing this one quite a while back. I had a hard time trying to get the back end of the car right, though. In any case, enjoy the stripped down version of the Tumbler. Perhaps, they'll consider this version for the next installment of in the Bat series. :) (fingers crossed)

This one has been built for pure speed. Period.

P.S. I thank Rohit for the suggestion to draw the mean machine back in "Gotham or NY".

Tools used :  MS Paint

[Here are links to the actual one  - here and here.] 

27 May 2010

An everlasting smile

It is everlasting.
You can see it casting
a shadow on sadness.
It will make you smile for a while.
Away from the worldly madness.
To another of bliss.
It is that smile
that never fails to make gloom fade.
Do you agree
that it is as precious as jade?

I started off my poetry with a smile almost more than a decade ago and this is the same one you just read.

Before I leave, one more thing, hold that happy thought you have had in your head now. Yeah, now you can smile please. :)


05 March 2010

Sea of melody

The shimmering waves lashed the sand.
We sat through the night on the shoreline,
trying to spot that distant land.

The melody, the weather, the company fine.
Fine sand slipping through our hands;
we watched the stars, brightly, shine.

We joined dots on the canvas,
spot coloured lights on the horizon.
We could never let those sands pass.

The silver we saw at that one glance!
Nothing in the world, will match
the silver on the gray waters' romance.

The shimmering waves and the shiny sparks
and we sat through the night on the sandy shores
as the wonderful hunter and his dear friends watched our backs...

Edit:"The Hunter is not whom you may think him to be and You shall see only what You want to See...".

Drop in a comment if u did figure out what I'm talking about!

Edit 2:  I intended the poem to be cheery. So I edit the last line to more reflect that.

21 February 2010

Roses, for the ladies

Working on my next sketch and it is a tad bit more complicated than I'd imagined. In the meantime, I thought I'd experiment a bit with shapes and the result is this -

I'm getting back to work again. :)

"There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint
a rose, because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted."
Henri Matisse

21 January 2010

Pencils : Gotham or NY?

It began with the theme we had for our yearly fest at work. The theme was placed around NY Times Square and we were supposed to be the NY cops. This got me started on the current sketch. The picture of everyone's favourite hero was incidental. Nevertheless, I like the way it ended on paper finally. :)

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