21 January 2010

Pencils : Gotham or NY?

It began with the theme we had for our yearly fest at work. The theme was placed around NY Times Square and we were supposed to be the NY cops. This got me started on the current sketch. The picture of everyone's favourite hero was incidental. Nevertheless, I like the way it ended on paper finally. :)

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  1. As always, brilliant ! You seem to be perfecting in this art I guess :) Anyways good work buddy !

  2. Super Maga, that is really a talent to nurture kano!
    Good luck!

  3. @shatanand Thanks dude! Need to think what I want to sketch next now. Any suggestions are welcome. :)

  4. Nice!

    BTW, did you know that there is a Gotham city inside New York?

  5. Neat! You should add some grey pencil shading though! This looks too pleasant to pass off for Gotham City

  6. @Darshan

    I was not aware of a place called Gotham city being there in NY. Now I am! I was referring to the comic city Gotham.

    Yeah, a friend of mine said the same thing too. :)

  7. Sindhu's right bro, it requires a darker touch. nice work man :)

    Regarding suggestions, how about "The Tumbler" parked in the cave?

  8. Thanks Swati.

    Thats a brilliant suggestion dude. I'm at it right away. :)