05 March 2010

Sea of melody

The shimmering waves lashed the sand.
We sat through the night on the shoreline,
trying to spot that distant land.

The melody, the weather, the company fine.
Fine sand slipping through our hands;
we watched the stars, brightly, shine.

We joined dots on the canvas,
spot coloured lights on the horizon.
We could never let those sands pass.

The silver we saw at that one glance!
Nothing in the world, will match
the silver on the gray waters' romance.

The shimmering waves and the shiny sparks
and we sat through the night on the sandy shores
as the wonderful hunter and his dear friends watched our backs...

Edit:"The Hunter is not whom you may think him to be and You shall see only what You want to See...".

Drop in a comment if u did figure out what I'm talking about!

Edit 2:  I intended the poem to be cheery. So I edit the last line to more reflect that.


  1. ur poems always make a good read !!
    and makes anyone pay heed
    in poetry, you always lead
    and more of your poems..fans like us need
    its time i subscribed for their RSS feed :D

  2. lol. That was nice Ashwin. Thanks. :)

  3. @Psygote Look carefully once again. It is not. You will see what you want to see. :)

  4. Wow! I love the way you used "watched" :) What are you doing in Yahoo! Go be a poet, an expressionist :) Best poem of yours ever (that I have read).

  5. You did get it then! Awesome! :)

    Thanks @Psygote. Glad you liked it.

  6. Love it buddy! The phrase " Bin there, done that" cannot be more apt for this situation :) Lets backpack again ..

  7. Hmm... I hope He is watching my back :)

  8. Sheer Brilliance Suman!! (Applause)

  9. Update :

    I like how people creatively interpret poetry. There is always the personal touch by the reader.

    The hunter, here, is a reference to the constellation (orion). If you re-read the last lines, you can understand it better. :)