10 July 2010

Pencils - The Tumbler

I started drawing this one quite a while back. I had a hard time trying to get the back end of the car right, though. In any case, enjoy the stripped down version of the Tumbler. Perhaps, they'll consider this version for the next installment of in the Bat series. :) (fingers crossed)

This one has been built for pure speed. Period.

P.S. I thank Rohit for the suggestion to draw the mean machine back in "Gotham or NY".

Tools used :  MS Paint

[Here are links to the actual one  - here and here.] 


  1. In Shayan's and my terms :P, "AY AY!!!" :D

  2. @Ashwin So, is that good or bad? :P

  3. Awesome dude..Your best one so far! Keep up the good work

  4. this was ur best yet!! :)
    the next suggestion from me shud be obvious!
    try the batpod :)

  5. @Shayan Batpod eh? Maybe I'll consider it. :)
    Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Dude..This is by far your BEST ART! Awesome :)
    Ppl, please note this is mostly not a duplication but has Suman's own improvisations

  7. @Suman - you'll come to know what "AY" means..in one day :)

  8. @Rohit Thank you! And thanks for the suggestion. I would have not thought of drawing it otherwise!

    @Ashwin Sure. Keep us posted. :)