15 March 2011

Through the seas of Poseidon

I want you to experience what I have experienced. I have been a silent witness to the event below. I have stood at the sidelines and have been inspired by the event taking place. I stood with him on the same deck. I mingled with the crew and was one amongst them. I could see he was in pain but I could do nothing, and I shall do nothing...

Lightning cracked the sky, lighting the rain as it fell from its abode. The sea gleamed in different shades of gray; shades that shimmered, glittered and those that danced wild. The wind tore the sails and they fluttered like curtains on a windy day. Freezing waters lashed the deck like a whip-lash of a pirate. Water from the brutal sea and from the furious rain became one. The ship rode up the giant waves and below.

I had seen this before. This was, but, Poseidon's wrath. I could taste the salt in the air we breathed...

Water danced as he staggered to keep his feet on the deck. He was unable to hold himself on to his feet. Medicine, from seaweeds made by one of the crew members, flowed trough his veins as blood. The salt from the sea and his sweat met. He was unsure as to whom the medicine was killing more, the disease or him. He stood close to the edge of the deck staggering and swaggering like a drunk whore but except, he was not. He leaned over to the side. He was falling. He saw a flash of the lightning and then it grew silent, it grew dark ...

I could sense that we were close. If we could just reach the Cape Cruce...

Everything was a blur, just like the fog on darker seas. The skies were black and stormy with thunders intruding the lashing rains. He could barely see. The crew ran through the chaos to steady the ship and to anchor. These were the last things he saw before it became dark all over again...

I watched from the shadows. He lay on the deck, others too busy. He was getting better, the weed from the sea...

Water parted ways from the ground with each step. He stepped on to the sandy beach. His each step seemed to rob all living creatures of their breath for a split second, reviving them with a living force, much stronger than before. He was the living force for his land. The life around seemed to welcome his presence. His faithful steed, more so.

His home beckoned. The son had returned...


  1. You're going backwards through the story. And it's coming in installments that are too small and too infrequent.
    More, noble scribe, more. :-)

  2. Why, I had a 'publishers block' too along with the regular 'writers block'! Nevertheless, point noted. :)

  3. Good to see you writing after a long time dude! :)

  4. I can smell the sea....

  5. You did paint a picture of a serious Johnny Depp ,bud :) waiting to see our man's exploits on the island. cool stuff!

  6. Thanks Rohit. The stormy sea visualization in my mind was partly from 'the pirates of the caribbean 3'. So you kinda got it right. :)

  7. Awesome dude... u really shld think abt publishing more frequently!

  8. Thanks Kady! That fact has been the theme of the feedback so far. I will try to. :)

  9. Keep Posting.. Was very interesting to read...waiting for the next post :)

    And nice pic Ketchup :)

  10. Very interesting.. Loved the detailed description.. Only thing is.. it began and ended too quickly.. You built this amazing picture in my head and even before i began to feel it, it was over..
    Cant wait to read more of what you write..
    Good job buddy.. :)

  11. Hey Archi, I intentionally kept it this long. Did you read the other two follow ups? Follow the links in the last line of the article. And I am glad you liked it. Thanks! :)