07 August 2011


The memories are difficult to forget, the helplessness difficult to explainA loss is never justifiable.

She rose above, with grace
She looked around with an elegance;
I saw this beautiful face.

I caught just a glimpse, a glance,
My heart, but leaped in dance.
Was it her or was it chance?

The radiance beat the midnight moon,
A sting passed through, a harpoon
the moment, I felt, had come too soon.

No words said, but yet heard,
Serene and silent, the moment passed
A thousand questions my mind asked.

She vanished into a haze,
Like the morning mist at the harsh suns gaze
Memories of her I cannot erase

A drop rolled down my cheek
Am I human enough to cry, so meek?
Where can I find those answers I seek?

Through the hue, I tried to pursue
I called out - "My dear, where are you?"
A lonely whisper, I heard - "in you..."

In remembrance of a dear old lady who lived down the lane.