07 August 2011


The memories are difficult to forget, the helplessness difficult to explainA loss is never justifiable.

She rose above, with grace
She looked around with an elegance;
I saw this beautiful face.

I caught just a glimpse, a glance,
My heart, but leaped in dance.
Was it her or was it chance?

The radiance beat the midnight moon,
A sting passed through, a harpoon
the moment, I felt, had come too soon.

No words said, but yet heard,
Serene and silent, the moment passed
A thousand questions my mind asked.

She vanished into a haze,
Like the morning mist at the harsh suns gaze
Memories of her I cannot erase

A drop rolled down my cheek
Am I human enough to cry, so meek?
Where can I find those answers I seek?

Through the hue, I tried to pursue
I called out - "My dear, where are you?"
A lonely whisper, I heard - "in you..."

In remembrance of a dear old lady who lived down the lane.


  1. Your verses.. touching.. Your dedication.. heartfelt.. You rock Superman!

  2. One of your best poems!

  3. Thanks Balzi.

    Thank you Ms Raman. Appreciate it.

    Vineeth - Thanks dude.

  4. I think this is your best work till date, bud..Loved it!

  5. Very nice poem!! I liked all your poems and stories but this one is amazing. I couldn't leave from here without appreciating!! and a big Congratulations!!!!
    - Ambika Aunty

  6. Thanks Ambika aunty. Coming from you, this means a lot!

    And thanks! :)

  7. Man its good to see your poetic side. Wanting to see more of the poetry where this came from :).

  8. reading it over n over again :)awesome one :)

  9. Wow ... Your best work till date !

    - Vinay

  10. Awesome. Can't believe its up there for a year and I had not read it till now. Its Beautiful.Loved it.

  11. Chaitra, Vinay, Ujwala - Thank you! :)