18 October 2013


With mountains to climb, it is only in the depths that a person can discover strength, finding the light that shines our inner sun.

Blow upon blow to my raging chest,
the pushes of the cruel and the unjust,
Blood seething and a heart that would not rest.

A prayer to my unseen force,
Phoenix like poetry amongst relentless prose,
A fury within me, a passion grows.

As the walls of my inscrutable worlds fall
With me refusing to play ball
To the whims of fate, I defy to stand tall.

© All rights reserved by DG8TAL / used with permission

I pursued a punch, a jab, a cross.
I threw myself and everything else my soul could toss
Burn I would rather than be termed destiny's loss.

Is it my spirit or my back that they would break first?
Tears blood and dust,
What would it take to stop this cruel lust?

Time fleeting and having nothing to pawn.
Murmers of that the night getting darker, the light now gone.
Whatever hope within, I await my invincible dawn.

Blow on blow whilst I'm bound
I could but feel my unknown spirits around.
My bloody shackles, finally, dropped to the ground...

Dedicated to all who stand up and walk again. And again. And again.

May the phoenix be with you!

25 June 2013

Infinite dreams

One leg folded, the other stretched,
I stared at the beautiful spread,
lying on the grass, of stars splendid.

Skimming through my warm hand
the evening dew lend their brand
to the happy loss of the day's demand.

What each breath said, I patiently heard.
Each moment to revere and understand
of the movement of the lights above and thoughts beyond.

A running star straying into view,
Wishes of wishes turning true,
of dreams my mind could construe.

Lost in the whims of time,
the experience so sublime,
the ecstasy reaching its prime.

I lay, facing endless sky
Endless thoughts of if I could ever fly
Over the ever so silver cirrus, so high.

Arms behind my spotless mind,
I stared long and far as I could find,
that beautiful pristine night, I simply dreamt myself behind.

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”
― John Lennon

05 January 2013


One foot firmly in the ground
The other on the rock strong
He stared at the ocean around
Wondering if he’d put a foot wrong.

On the edge of a cliff he stood.
For the reasons he believed in blood,
the wind blowing against his face,
he thought about the flaws he could erase.

The intensity in his vision, sharp
He gazed on into the deep
Wishing to see his destination
He was getting back on his feet.

I watched from behind a tree
His every move
As far as I could see
I tried to perceive…

His will stronger than before
Continued staring into the ocean
But this time he was sure
About his life’s each and every turn.

I sat there behind the bush
Appreciating the determination
He was waiting to sail the wild again
And to drift into the sunlight alone…

A new world, a new perspective
He wanted everyone to see.
Something finally did I realize..

That he was none but me…