05 January 2013


One foot firmly in the ground
The other on the rock strong
He stared at the ocean around
Wondering if he’d put a foot wrong.

On the edge of a cliff he stood.
For the reasons he believed in blood,
the wind blowing against his face,
he thought about the flaws he could erase.

The intensity in his vision, sharp
He gazed on into the deep
Wishing to see his destination
He was getting back on his feet.

I watched from behind a tree
His every move
As far as I could see
I tried to perceive…

His will stronger than before
Continued staring into the ocean
But this time he was sure
About his life’s each and every turn.

I sat there behind the bush
Appreciating the determination
He was waiting to sail the wild again
And to drift into the sunlight alone…

A new world, a new perspective
He wanted everyone to see.
Something finally did I realize..

That he was none but me…