18 October 2013


With mountains to climb, it is only in the depths that a person can discover strength, finding the light that shines our inner sun.

Blow upon blow to my raging chest,
the pushes of the cruel and the unjust,
Blood seething and a heart that would not rest.

A prayer to my unseen force,
Phoenix like poetry amongst relentless prose,
A fury within me, a passion grows.

As the walls of my inscrutable worlds fall
With me refusing to play ball
To the whims of fate, I defy to stand tall.

© All rights reserved by DG8TAL / used with permission

I pursued a punch, a jab, a cross.
I threw myself and everything else my soul could toss
Burn I would rather than be termed destiny's loss.

Is it my spirit or my back that they would break first?
Tears blood and dust,
What would it take to stop this cruel lust?

Time fleeting and having nothing to pawn.
Murmers of that the night getting darker, the light now gone.
Whatever hope within, I await my invincible dawn.

Blow on blow whilst I'm bound
I could but feel my unknown spirits around.
My bloody shackles, finally, dropped to the ground...

Dedicated to all who stand up and walk again. And again. And again.

May the phoenix be with you!


  1. Awesome stuff dude, really inspiring :)

  2. Dude.. i think this is brilliant! It really reminded me of my " leap of faith" article since we are talking about someone who doesn't resign to fate.

    Very intense man..

  3. "Leap of faith" was beautifully written. I remember getting goosebumps reading it. Write more, I enjoy what you write!

    Thank you!

  4. Awesome - man, - Really proud of u!!! An inspirer for those who put endless efforts to achieve something great!!

  5. Suman !!! Awesome.... It totally symbolizes ur spirit :)