20 March 2014


The skies, the drizzle and the warm scent of honey inhabited the air. Fire burned peacefully, letting a cinder spark flow out and lend glow to the air around. The gentle crackles of the fireplace made their presence felt this late evening. The light was low, but enough. An occasional flash of light in the skies outside was known only by the door. Even the thunders were silent in this beautiful start of a night.

The wooden floor matched the color of the tables and the chairs. A couple of empty glasses stood proud on a few tables, showcasing the busy day that had already passed by. A thick solid door lay open baring the cool of the night to the warmth of the insides of the tavern. The curtains fluttered gently and the flames moved around gracefully like the traditional dancers of the island.

His serene but sharp gaze scanned the entire tavern. His predisposed piercing vision was given away by the creases around his now gentle eyes. He moved away from the door and he followed her, his hands on her waist, gently guiding her to the candle lit table. She moved like a whiff of fresh air but in firm and steady steps. The white and blue of her dress seemed a little wet. She sat on the chair closest to the light and he sat right next to her, facing her. The breeze played with her long black tresses. The loneliness of the bar counter reflected the silent sounds of the breeze.

As the gold of the flame fell on her cheek, He moved the lonely stand of her hair from across her face and nestled it peacefully behind her ear. He wiped a lonely tear from the back of his hand and saw a smile on her face, the first one that night. He looked at his reflection in the dark of her eye. No words were spoken.

None were needed. Ever.

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