19 December 2014


Stepping out of a zone sheltered,
I'm swept through shimmering dust - gold and red,
How do I not give in to this excitement instead?

Over the horizon crimson,
Towards of the end of reason,
Heart racing season after season;

I see confusing colors - yellow and maroon.
What awaits me - is it sunshine or the monsoon?
The deep end of the sea or is it the pristine lagoon?

A life carefully painted scarlet, darn it!
I face the tests of fires, all solved immaculate;
I see emotions - blue, green and violet.

The melodies, the violins, the orchestras played,
The lyrics in the background and the words carefully explained,
How do I know if the beautiful colours ever fade?

Promises of a love - less than three plus more,
Whispers of careless passion like never before
Lines and lines of poetry my heart thus pours.

Honey dripping out of it's comb - perfect and sweet;
The first rays of the sun on repeat;
I know today that I shall know no defeat.

I chance upon this sacred chance,
Of intertwined destinies, fates and life's plans!

Pray tell me - how can my confused soul not rejoice? 

 We see sometimes, what is invisible to the eye.