08 January 2016

Heart. And Soul.

The old sights, now in a world so free,
a new perspective is what I see.
My world has changed or is it just me?

Eyes closed or set wide open
There's only one movie in me to run
Memories of You my love, of our moments in the sun!

The dark of the bold beautiful night,
Or the bliss of the bright day's light,
In your shy eyes, they seemed perfectly right. 

A look towards me or just a fleeting chance,
Or wait, was it a stolen glance?
I skipped a beat and my heart did a little dance...

I ask - My dear heart, pray tell me what did you learn?
It says little but tells that now it's its turn
And it's time to let the spark brightly burn!

My love. My soul. For You my heart - my special place.
Sigh! Just the thought of your beautiful face!
The calm gentle ocean that is your grace...

A victorius sign. I wonder, Is it our time?
Celebration of souls in a period so sublime!
A faint whisper I hear - it is time.
                   … I realize, it’s all because your eyes met mine... 
Your eyes. Darn!